"We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity"

Um ok but I don’t recall my virginity having 16 GB of memory with all my contacts, music, photos, calendars, and apps or costing over $200.

my phone is an expensive and important material object and not a useless social construct put in place to shame and commodify women

Plus I remember where I lost my virginity.

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Anonymous asked:

dude okay so for the past month and a half ive been hiding pennies around my house everyday in obvious places so my dad would find them, like in pants pockets and shoes and stuff like that. about two weeks in i upped the level of penny hiding skill and hid them in more obscure but still findable places such as a bar of soap and left over pasta. these pennies have grown a part of my dads everyday life. today i did not hide a penny. my father is frantically searching for a penny. there is no penny